Overwatch moon map Horizon Lunar Colony was released last week on the game’s PTR (Public Test Region). Players are already coming up with fiendishly brilliant strategies to make the most of the new location.

YouTuber Muselk, who created the Overwatch “Hide and Seek” mode, has been testing out the Horizon Lunar Colony map. Muselk is known for coming up with silly strategies but some of those explored in the video below could actually prove quite useful to the average Overwatch player.

For example, one of the control points on the map features a rubber tire hanging way up in the ceiling. Inaccessible by characters with limited vertical mobility such as Reinhardt, one character who can get up there in a flash with the use of his Concussion Mine is Junkrat.

Once up there, Junkrat can use his “sexy Junkrat” emote (officially called ‘Lounging’) to lay down and conceal himself. While experienced players will quickly sniff out the explosive-loving character, it can cap the point for a few seconds, which is just long enough for the rest of Junkrat’s team to make it back to the fight.

The same point also features a ledge which Overwatch character Bastion can get to with the help of Mei’s ice wall. Once up there, the turret character can mow down enemies and heal himself up and defend the point all day. It’s also a good spot for one of Torbjorn’s turrets, although it is difficult for the engineer to get back up there to fix up the turret if it takes damage.

The map’s anti-gravity areas can also be used to players’ strategic advantage. With everyone eager to test out the anti-grav for themselves, plenty of people will rush out to the area. It means that those playing as Lucio and Pharah can have a field day as their Soundwave and Concussive Blast abilities (respectively) can knock enemies out of the area for some quick kills. The air lock (the double doors that lead to the anti-grav area) is also handy for Symmetra players as they can stuff the airlock with six turrets and microwave anyone who dares to test out the fun new Overwatch feature.

Admittedly, it’s unlikely that many (or any) of these strategies will make it to the Overwatch pro scene as they will likely be testing the map out on the PTR now and are probably figuring out counters already. But it does show how creative players of Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter are. Some will ask who needs Overwatch mod support when players are already making use of existing content in such fantastic ways.

Overwatch is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Muselk – YouTube