GR Pick: Overwatch Cosplayer Dresses as Halloween Mercy

Overwatch Mercy Cosplay

Tina-Kinz cosplay portrays an excellent rendition of Overwatch's Mercy skin in celebration of Blizzard's Halloween Terror event.

Overwatch is currently in the midst of its spooky Halloween Terror event, and many fans have already spent a good portion of the weekend collecting some of the time-sensitive Halloween cosmetic items and playing through Junkenstein's Revenge co-op brawl. Of course, many Overwatch fans go above and beyond what it takes to celebrate the Halloween spirit, and professional cosplayer Tina-Kinz did exactly that this week.

Tina-Kinz pulled of a particularly impressive rendition of Overwatch hero Mercy decked out in her Halloween Witch skin, complete with the custom book cover and matching boots. The fact that the cosplay outfit was photographed in a graveyard is a particularly nice touch, and we can only assume any up-to-date Overwatch fans would recognize the costume in an instant. The images from her cosplay set exploded online when they were shared on Reddit, resulting in a nice boost of likes to her respective Facebook Cosplay page.

Fans of Overwatch can take a look at the impressive cosplay below:

Overwatch Mercy Witch Cosplay

This Mercy cosplay isn't actually the first time the character has made waves during the Halloween Terror event. Fans came to enjoy Mercy's new Ultimate voice line - "My servants never die" - which is used exclusively in Junkenstein's Revenge. Fans liked this rendition of her Ultimate moreso than her standard Ultimate voice line of "Heroes never die", and began to petition Blizzard en masse to change the lines out. Eventually, Blizzard confirmed the changed was coming with a short and sweet reply.

The third season of Overwatch is poised to begin as the calendar flips over to December, and will bring several massive changes to the game's skill rating system. The result will leave Overwatch with many more gold and platinum ranked players, with fewer silver and bronze rankings at the other end of the spectrum being doled out to active players. Those who still haven't joined in on the Overwatch action have a great opportunity to do so if they move quick, as the Collector's Edition price has been slashed to an all-time low.

Tina-Kinz mentioned that she was considering doing a cosplay of Mercy's imp skin, which would trade the witch hat and black look for a pink-haired, white outfit combo instead. Fans interested in seeing more of her work can do so here.

What do you think about the Overwatch Mercy skin, Ranters?

Overwatch is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: Tina-Kinz

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