Players have unearthed a number of amusing Overwatch exploits ever since the multiplayer shooter was launched last May, and it appears that fans have have discovered a brand new glitch in which the game’s resident healer Mercy can channel her inner phoenix.

In the latest build of Overwatch, a Reddit user by the name of Rosilia discovered that when the “hello” emote is used while Mercy is floating through the sky with her “Angelic Descent” passive ability, the character’s wings will double in size and glow bright green.

Rosilia also revealed in a follow up comment that the glitch doesn’t appear to be a one-off either, having made Mercy channel her inner phoenix for 10 minutes and being successful every time, although they did say the results might be different with custom assigned control bindings.

The response to this amusing glitch has been very positive, with numerous Overwatch fans expressing their hopes that it will remain in the game as a feature. While Blizzard has yet to comment on the discovery of this Mercy/phoenix glitch, it will be interesting to see how the team will respond based off similar situations that have happened in the past.

During last year’s Halloween Terror event, many fans began asking for Mercy’s special “My servants never die” line to be made permanent, a request that Blizzard responded to with a simple “Ok”.

While it is highly unlikely that Mercy’s backstory features a period where she was Jean Grey in disguise, this funny new discovery caps off a big week in which Blizzard unveiled new background information for some of Overwatch‘s characters.

Overwatch: Top Play of the Game Characters Revealed - Mercy

The studio recently released a brand new digital comic titled “Binary”, which tells the story of how Bastion and Torbjorn first met and ultimately became friends, and Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan confirmed just two days ago that beloved support hero Symmetra has autism.

It remains to be seen whether this new Mercy glitch will be fixed in a future update, but given how this exploit does not affect gameplay in any way, and how the development team are constantly in communication with the Overwatch‘s millions of fans, it is more likely than not that this glitch is here to stay.

Overwatch is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.