Unlike previous Overwatch events where the exclusive character skins have leaked well ahead of time, Blizzard has kept a tight lid in regards to new content in the upcoming Summer Games 2017 event scheduled for August 8. But with hours to go before the event kicks off, a new image featuring Mercy in a presumed new Summer Games skin has leaked.

A Reddit user has shared a supposed new Overwatch promotional image from Blizzard China, which depicts Doomfist in his normal kit and Mercy in a brand new Summer Games skin. Befitting the upcoming event’s Olympic theme and the character’s skillset, Mercy’s new skin sees her dressed as the ancient Greek goddess Nike, who is normally depicted as a winged deity personifying victory.

While Blizzard has been hinting at a slate of new skins for the upcoming Summer Games 2017 event for some time now, this leak marks the first piece of visual evidence of what players can expect on August 8. If Mercy’s Nike skin is any indication, perhaps fans can look forward to a series of ancient Greek deity themed skins for a number of heroes. One character expected to receive a new skin is Sombra, something Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan very recently confirmed over at the Blizzard Forums.


As for what fans can expect from the event beyond new skins, players will also get the second chance to earn any Summer Games 2016 cosmetics that they missed out last year. Also making a return is a revamped version of last year’s popular Olympic-themed mini-game Lucioball, which will not only feature some gameplay tweaks but also its own competitive mode called Copa Lucioball.

Kaplan has also stated that fans can also expect some extra “silly stuff” as well, though he didn’t go into detail what that might be. Given how there are a number of planned character balance tweaks in the works, as well as some rumored weapon skins, there’s certainly much to look forward to come August 8. With just a few hours to go before the Summer Games 2017 event kicks off, we can certainly expect many games of Lucioball be played and perhaps more than a few heroes running around in ancient Greek deity themed skins.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit, Blizzard Forums