Overwatch: Are Mercy and Roadhog in a Relationship?

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A curious Overwatch fan asks Blizzard if they can marry Mercy, and a Blizzard support team member responds with a surprising revelation about the character.

As the top Competitive Play character, Mercy has earned herself a good deal of popularity among Overwatch enthusiasts. One fan took his admiration for the angelic healer farther than most, and decided to ask Blizzard for her hand in marriage. Many video game companies would have ignored such a silly request, but a member of the Blizzard support team responded, and may have revealed an interesting fact about Mercy in the process.

According to the unknown Blizzard support team member, Mercy is not exactly on the market. On the contrary, she is apparently in a relationship with the brutal Roadhog, who is, in many ways, her exact opposite. Whereas Mercy focuses on healing her teammates and bringing them back to life, Roadhog only worries about healing himself, and is a powerful killing machine. The pairing may come as a shock to Overwatch fans, but as they say, opposites attract.

Of course, the Blizzard support employee could be joking. After all, the Blizzard employee refers to Roadhog as "noble, handsome, fit, intelligent, and morally upright," when anyone that has played with or against Roadhog knows that none of those words are accurate descriptors for him.

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While the supposed relationship between Mercy and Roadhog likely isn't canon, the fact that Blizzard support took the time to respond to this goofy question speaks volumes about the company's desire to connect with its fans. Over the years, Blizzard has shown its dedication to its fans in other ways as well, like the in-game memorial it created for a deceased Overwatch fan that can still be found on the Lijiang Tower map, for instance.

In the meantime, those that were interested at the possibility of Mercy and Roadhog being an item should keep their fingers crossed for more Overwatch animated shorts. Since the game itself lacks a story mode or campaign of any kind, Blizzard has fleshed out the in-game universe with these shorts, highlighting characters like Bastion, Soldier 76, Winston, Widowmaker, and more. Therefore, it's not out of the question that possible romantic relationships between Overwatch characters could be explored as well.

Maybe Blizzard will focus more on the love lives of Overwatch's growing roster in the future, but for now, fans of the game will just have to follow the Blizzard support team member's example and pair together their favorite characters in their own personal head canon.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot

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