With Overwatch‘s angelic heroine getting a complete rework to her ultimate ability, Mercy’s “Huge Rez” achievement is no longer possible, which has Blizzard to change the requirements to fit her new play-style. Although Mercy cannot resurrect four or more heroes at once any longer, all players have to do now is use the character’s single resurrect ability to bring back six teammates in a single life, in either Quick or Competitive Play.

Due to theĀ Overwatch character’s powerful ultimate requiring Mercy mains to hide away from the battle and wait for the opportune moment to quickly revive her team, Blizzard has changed the resurrection ability to a 30-second cooldown that targets only one ally, and added a brand-new ultimate in its place. Now Mercy’s strongest ability is “Valkyrie”, allowing the hero to fly freely, while also increasing the range of her healing and damage-boost.

blizzard mercy ultimate nerf

Valkyrie also allows Mercy to chain her beam abilities to multiple team members, increases the speed and damage of her gun, and even lets her fly longer distances with her “Guardian Angel” ability. The change from the old play-style is one of the biggest updates to come to a character since Symmetra got a rework, and it’s going to be exciting to see how this new Mercy will fit into the game’s meta.

A more well-rounded Mercy with a relatively aggressive ultimate might mean that the healer is less beginner friendly and the skill cap required to play the iconic hero has certainly raised. Of course, we don’t know if Mercy’s current status on the PTR will be released in the full-game, especially as it seems that combining the Valkyrie ability with Ana’s Nano-Boost is a little too strong at this point in time, so there may be more changes yet to come.

Overwatch fans will have plenty of time to try out the newly-reworked Mercy for themselves, alongside the recent addition of a Deathmatch mode that players have been asking for since the game’s release. In this new Arcade playlist, heroes simply have to rack up score by killing their opponents, rather than pushing a payload or holding a capture point.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.