Overwatch: 10 Absolutely Angelic Mercy Cosplays

There's no healer or hero more iconic in Overwatch than Mercy. She's everyone's guardian angel, able to bring the dead back alive and fly across the battlefield in her powerful Valkyrie suit.

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Despite all the nerfs that she's been put through, Mercy remains among the most popular heroes and even made an appearance in the Storm Rising event's cinematic in a way she quite hadn't yet before. So, in celebration of everyone's favorite doctor, we've compiled the most amazing Mercy cosplays from ten incredibly talented cosplay enthusiasts.

10 Did Someone Call For A Witch?

When this gorgeous Halloween Terror skin first came out, it was without a doubt the mark of a true Mercy fan. In this costume, all the beautiful details are there, from the demonic wings to her little cloak and even her golden bracelets.

It definitely helps when cosplayer TinaKinz kind of looks like Mercy. The wig suits her extremely well, which is not always the case with many cosplays that tend to look a bit cartoonish. However, this one's definitely a home run!

9 The Doctor Is In

In the first Uprising event that Blizzard rolled out for Overwatch, one of the mission participant's was Mercy. The event also introduced her Combat Medic skin, the official Overwatch uniform she wore during her mission.

Tiffany Gordon Cosplay's version of the skin is incredible in the sheer detail and work that has clearly gone into producing this beauty. We love especially the syringes in her gloves and the belts and metallic details in her body suit.

8 'Til Valhalla

Although Mercy's Valkyrie skin is a bit basic after all these years, no one can deny it's still a very beautiful outfit well thought out for her. Eva from Ynotece Cosplay took on the challenge of this skin and absolutely nailed it.

The headpiece and hair are exactly like Mercy's, down to every single last detail, which must have a lot of time to get right. Eve explains on her Instagram that she even did the gems on her own, which just goes to show how amazingly dedicated she is.

7 Piece Of Cake

One of the most impressive Mercy skins is the one that came out in Winter Wonderland 2018, which completely overhauled Mercy's appearance. From a turquoise hair to butterfly-like wings, she truly looks like the Sugarplum Fairy, and so does Sheila from Aicosu.

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The colors are just right in her version of Mercy's skin, even down to the shimmering holographic wings and headpieces. If there ever was a Mercy in the flesh, then this has to be it!

6 How Lucky For You!

You know a cosplay is good when the person in it looks better than the character they're cosplaying. Mercy's Zhu Que isn't among fan favorites, because some believe she looks a bit out of place with a traditional hair cut and different hair color.

However, Sara from C'est La Sara executed this skin to perfection. There's not detail missing, and the wings made of see-through yellow plastic are a clever way of imitating the sheerness of Mercy's wispy wings while still giving them a robust appearance.

5 I'll Send You My Consultation Fee

Of course, no cosplay article is complete without a look at a genderbent version of the original character. This version of the Cobalt skin, made popular by streamer EeveeA, was replicated by Armatus Designs.

What's most impressive here is definitely his version of the Caduceus Staff, which Armatus Designs 3D printed himself out of nylon. There's definitely no better way of becoming the guardian angel herself than managing to make an almost exact replica of her staff. An amazing costume from a devoted and crafty cosplayer!

4 Heroes Never Die

Despite all of Mercy's amazing skins, no one of can forget about her iconic default look that so many first fell in love with. Youtuber ButtercupBrix took on the challenge of creating this look and even shared some advice for those wanting to recreate the default Mercy skin as well.

Carved from Worbla and then spray painted with a glossy finish, the detail of her armor is splendid, and it does help that her makeup and hair are spot on to finish the Mercy look.

3 ... For A Price

Mercy's Imp skin isn't the most popular among all of her skins, maybe because of the jarring difference of her face. KyrraMarie however looks stunning and comfortable in her version of the skin, with a very smart interpretation of Mercy's wispy demonic wings.

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The sharp version of the Caduceus staff is also extremely detailed and overall the colors and the feel of the skin is captured in this playfully menacing version of Mercy.

2 You Needed A Goddess?

During the 2017 Summer Games this gorgeous Mercy skin, a reference to the Goddess of Victory Nike, had all Mercy fans excited. To this day this skin remains in the top 3, and Lady Melamori's interpretation of the skin shows just why.

The gilded details are so well executed you wouldn't believe this is not a real piece of armor or clothing, but a costume instead. However, the real winning factor here are her wings, each feather individually created giving Lady Melamori that angelic look Mercy's so famous for.

1 A Most Impressive Display

Back in 2017, Blizzard participated in its first charity event and released the Pink Mercy skin, which soon topped the list as the most popular of all Mercy skins. It's not hard to see why: it's cute and angelic and with special sparkle effects both in sound and visuals it's difficult not to love this skin. Similarly, cosplayer Yukeshiro from Poland fell in love with this skin and created what's most likely the closest replica of it.

Given all the adorable details in this skin it isn't the easiest one to execute, but with all the hard work that was put into it, the results speak for themselves. The lace details are all there, up to her signature headpiece and the blonde pigtails she sports. Overall, an amazing show of craftsmanship!

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