Rumor: Overwatch's Mercy is Getting An Insane Buff


A few months ago, Blizzard buffed Overwatch's popular healer character Mercy by making her invincible when she is using her Resurrect Ultimate ability. Now if recent leaks by a supposed Blizzard QA tester are true, fans can expect Mercy's Ultimate to become even more powerful in a future update, to the point that she will be able to resurrect herself after death.

This claim comes from OverwatchOneYearLeak, a Reddit user who claims to work at Blizzard. According to OverwatchOneYearLeak, this potential Mercy buff is already considered overpowered at Blizzard, but even so, he is confident that it's going to make it to Overwatch's Public Test Realm some time soon to see how the community reacts to it.

Out of all the leaks by OverwatchOneYearLeak, this one may be the most difficult to believe. Mercy is already a well-balanced character, and her latest buff makes her an even more efficient healer, as she doesn't have to worry about dying when she's resurrecting her fallen teammates. It seems like giving Mercy such a powerful Ultimate ability would be overkill, especially since she's already one of the more popular support characters in the game and it's not as though Blizzard needs to convince people to play as her.

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Of course, it's possible that this change to Mercy's Ultimate would only bring herself back to life, which would make it far less devastating of a move. However, if Mercy is able to resurrect herself and her teammates after being killed, it's easy to see how it could completely throw off the balance of the game, as it would essentially make it impossible for players to stop Mercy from using her Ultimate ability.

Having said that, there's always the possibility that OverwatchOneYearLeak is fabricating all this leaked information about Overwatch and its upcoming anniversary. For the uninitiated, OverwatchOneYearLeak has also claimed that the game is going to have a special event on May 24th to celebrate its anniversary, an occasion that will supposedly be marked by a brand new game mode, three new maps, and the addition of Doomfist to the roster.

From Doomfist to this insane Mercy buff, OverwatchOneYearLeak is making a lot of wild claims. But with the game's one year anniversary right around the corner, fans don't have to wait long to see if there's any truth behind the leaks.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: DBLTap

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