Overwatch Freeze Bug Makes Mei Unplayable


A new Overwatch bug makes the cryofreezing character Mei almost unplayable. The bug reared its ugly head following the patch which introduced the Overwatch Uprising event along with its new modes and loot.

As documented by competitive Overwatch players on social media, the bug seems to slow down the rate at which Mei's primary fire slows down her enemies. While the blast of freezing power used to turn opponents to blocks of ice fairly quickly (thus allowing them to be finished off with her icicle secondary fire), this glitch means that it takes a little longer to freeze them and speedy characters such as Lucio can avoid getting frozen far easier.

The other part of this glitch also impacts the freezing powers of Mei's ultimate ability, Blizzard. The aim (and really the only point) of Mei's ultimate is that it freezes enemies across a large area. With this Overwatch bug, Blizzard is unable to freeze, allowing opponents to waltz right through it unscathed and unfrozen.


This is not the first technical issue to crop up following the Uprising patch as several game modes and features broke right after it went live. There were also technical issues regarding the game's servers too, which is devastating for an online multiplayer game like Overwatch. Thankfully, though, Blizzard quickly rectified these issues.

What's positive is that Blizzard already seems to be on the case when it comes to the Mei glitch. On the game's official forum, Overwatch's principal designer Geoff Goodman confirmed that the developer had already "identified that cause of the bug" and that the development team already had a fix for it "internally." Apologizing for the glitch, Goodman also said that the team would release the fix to players "as soon as we can." These confirmations were posted less than a day ago, so there's a chance that the fix may have already been rolled out.

The damage can hardly be called minimal as any disruption to play for any character in the game can throw a real spanner in the works, especially for competitive players in training. But many will be glad to see Blizzard being so proactive about addressing the game's problem. Sure, the developer still has to fix Overwatch's Play of the Game feature, but making sure that core gameplay components are working as intended is pretty important too.

Overwatch is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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