Seasonal events in Overwatch have become very popular since being introduced last summer. While the seasonal events bring new gameplay with them for a limited time, it also signals new and exclusive loot such as character skins and more. While it’s been a couple months since Blizzard has launched a new event, signs have begun to hint that last year’s Summer Games special event, Lucioball, may be making a come back very soon.

After a recent update to Overwatch, Reddit users discovered and posted a screenshot of new achievements added to the game. What caught the attention of Reddit user Ekultron however, is that the trio of achievements directly references Lucioball, which hasn’t been seen since last summer.

Unlike a good majority of the achievements in Overwatch, the three added for Lucioball don’t seem to be that difficult to obtain. Lucio Hat Trick asks players to score a goal, earn an assist, and make a save in one match. Safe Hands is a defensive achievement where the player needs to make three saves in one match. Arguably the most difficult of the bunch, Volley requires that players score a goal from at least 3 meters in the air.

This is the second major hint at the return of the popular soccer based event. Last month, an update on the PTR (Public Test Region) of the PC build of the game also dropped a few hints regarding Lucioball. Player profile pages added statistic tracking for goals, assists, and saves, something which could only apply to a mode like Lucioball, as it features two teams of three attempting to smash an oversized ball into a goal on the opponents side of the field.

The potential return of Lucioball shouldn’t be too surprising for fans as Blizzard previously confirmed that year two of Overwatch wouldn’t see any new events added to the rotation. Instead, the company planned to refine and tweak the existing events through new content and removal of things that didn’t work. Game director Jeff Kaplan cited potential fatigue as the main reason for this decision, believing that players enjoy the fact that these unique gameplay events don’t come around all the time.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit