Popular Overwatch game mode Lucioball may be making a comeback soon if evidence from the PTR (Public Test Region) is to be believed. Blizzard is currently testing a variety of changes on the PTR, including a reduction in loot box duplicates.

Eagle-eyed fans on the Overwatch PTR have noticed an interesting addition to their profile pages. The latest update to the PTR appears to have added stats for Goals, Saves, and Interceptions.

Lucioball, which was first released as part of the Overwatch Summer Games event last year, is a Rocket League-styled mode that sees players control speedy character Lucio while trying to blast a giant ball into the goal. The mode was part of a limited time event and has not been made available on the PTR yet, but these sporty stats do fit the bill.

It should be noted that Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has previously confirmed that Overwatch year two will not introduce any new events. However, the developer did say that pre-existing events could come back, specifically mentioning Lucioball as one of the game modes that could make a return.

Overwatch Lucioball return stats

Kaplan also suggested that these returning modes would come back with some quality of life changes but the hope is that Overwatch will also introduce more features, such as more playable characters. Characters like Pharah and Junkrat may fit the mode well as they both have abilities that can help get the ball in the goal.

Last year, some used exploits to get other characters into the mode (which Blizzard warned against) but perhaps the developer could make it official this time around. And although this would need serious testing, that’s what the Public Test Region is for.

As it seems quite likely that Lucioball will be returning soon, many will also be asking if Blizzard will give players another chance to pick up Overwatch Summer Games loot. This loot included various skins and other cosmetics themed around the Olympics and the home countries of its various heroes.

As this loot was only available for a limited time, it meant that fans had a very brief window in which to collect everything. Bringing back Lucioball – and the Summer Games event – would be a fantastic opportunity for players to get the things they missed out on and the changes to duplicates will help with that too. All that’s left to wait for now is an official confirmation.

Overwatch is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.