Overwatch: Gamer Plays as Lucio with DJ Hero Turntable

Overwatch Lucio DJ Hero Turntable

One intrepid YouTuber jumps into Overwatch using only a DJ Hero turntable to control Lucio in a multiplayer match-up, with the results not being totally one-sided.

It goes without saying that YouTube stars and Twitch streamers are always coming up with unique ways to play games, and this week a YouTuber named WhyBeAre has tackled playing Overwatch in a strange fashion. The YouTuber, who typically doesn't show Overwatch content, took to an offline game controlling Lucio with a DJ Hero Turntable. The results went better than one might think, though the offline difficulty of enemies does leave something to be desired.

To get things done, WhyBeAre set one turntable wheel to control his forward and backward movement, with the other controlling his turns. The DJ Hero buttons allow for primary, alternate, and special moves, and as icing on the cake, WhyBeAre even had the slider match Lucio's hand movements to switch to the character's speed mode. While talented Lucio players may cringe at the gameplay video below, there's no doubt that surviving with the use of a DJ Hero turntable in Overwatch is an impressive feat, even if done for no reason.

Here's the ten minute video itself, in which WhyBeAre dons the mask of "DJ Lucio" in Overwatch:


Of course, this isn't he first time someone has used a musical instrument peripheral to compete in a game before. We've seen gamers beat games like Dark Souls using only a Rock Band guitar, and someone had previously done an entire solo raid in Destiny using just a drum kit.

Clearly, these streamers need to get together and co-op Overwatch as an entire band, as they seem to cover the typical range of instruments required to form one. Of course, every band needs a vocalist, so it's a good thing that someone else beat Dark Souls using only voice commands.

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Some fans are now requesting that WhyBeAre continue this as an Overwatch video series with controllers that match up with characters, like McCree with a duck hunt light gun. While it's unlikely such an act would be possible, it's worth noting that someone else has actually played D.Va with flight sticks before, which is about as character-appropriate as any controller can get.

WhyBeAre did mention that if he can find a group of online players who wouldn't mind how terrible he is, an online gameplay video might be on the horizon. We have little doubt a group of fans wouldn't mind playing along with the DJ Hero edition of Lucio.

What do you think about witnessing a turntable run the show in Overwatch, Ranters?

Overwatch is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: WhyBeAre — YouTube

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