Overwatch Players 'Speed Run' to Lowest Possible Rank

Overwatch 'Speed Runs' to Lowest Possible Rank - Hanzo

Dan 'Bacontotem' Brown and Jon 'WrstReaperNA' Kingham become the first players in the world to reach rank 1 in season 3 of Overwatch's Competitive Play.

Dan "Bacontotem" Brown, aka Hanjo, is a man on a mission: to reach the lowest rank in every Overwatch Competitive Play season. Brown has reached the bottom of the barrel in the first two seasons of Overwatch Competitive Play, but was beaten in the race to the lowest rank by players from South Korea. In the third season of Competitive Play, Brown and his partner in crime Jon “WrstReaperNA” Kingham were the first players in the world to hit rank 1.

As reported by Kotaku, this marks the first time North American Overwatch players beat South Korean players in the noble race to the bottom. Out of the two, Kingham reached rank 1 first by losing a lot as Reaper, with Brown not far behind as Hanzo, becoming the second person to reach rank 1 in the third season of Competitive Play.

Not only were Kingham and Brown the first two players in the world to reach rank 1 in Overwatch's third season of Competitive Play, but they did so in record time. Dropping to the bottom of the ranking list took days in previous seasons, but the duo were able to reach rank 1 in the first day of season 3, making the feat even more "impressive."

With the leaderboard glitch from previous seasons seemingly fixed, some may be wondering why Kingham and Brown are still going out of their way to be the lowest-ranked Overwatch players in the world. According to them, one big reason why they do it is simply because it's fun. Another reason is that their exploits as the notorious Team Hanjo have become popular enough to earn them widespread recognition in the Overwatch community.

While some may mistake Team Hanjo as simple trolls with their strange goal of reaching the lowest rank in Overwatch's Competitive Play, it's worth noting that the team has made an effort to do some positive things in the community as well. As they drop through the ranks, they encounter players that are legitimately unskilled at the game, and so Team Hanjo has reached out to these individuals, inviting them to games to teach them how to better their performance.

A byproduct of Team Hanjo's journey to the bottom may be the chance to help others in the community, but their main motivation seems to be the fun they have while they're losing every match on purpose. And with many more Competitive Play seasons likely in store for Overwatch, Team Hanjo will have plenty of future opportunities to have fun while vying for the coveted title of worst Overwatch players in the world.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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