Overwatch players on the PS4 report issues such as lost levels, skins, and other strange occurrences that have still yet to be addressed by developer Blizzard.

Sufferers of a very nasty bug that regresses players by taking their levels, ranks, and hard earned skins are still waiting on a solution from Blizzard. These issues were first reported as early as July 10 on the official Overwatch forums, with one player claiming they lost all of their levels and that twenty-two loot boxes they never purchased appeared in their inventory.

Shortly after the issue gained momentum, Blizzard responded by saying “this is being looked into at the moment.” The developer continued by stating there would be an update soon, and the very next day Blizzard felt confident they had resolved the Overwatch issue.

The root cause for this was fixed, so it shouldn’t be happening to anyone else at least.

We are still investigating the progress that was lost.

Now, however, the investigation clearly continues. Blizzard has asked that anyone who was afflicted by this issue reply to that ongoing thread with their PSN Tag, but many of those players are growing restless waiting for results. While most are simply asking for their levels and items to be restored, some have taken to demanding compensation in the form of loot boxes or in-game currency.

Overwatch Animated Short Dragons - Genji

Blizzard must be feeling the pressure right about now. Overwatch has barely been out two months and is already dealing with some major hurdles. Instead of being available at launch, the game’s Competitive Mode was delayed a month before it was finally released – due to it needing some serious tweaking since the beta. Then, some players were wrongly punished for being disconnected from a ranked game.

Pile all that onto a bug that removes progress and it is easy to see why some players are frustrated. The latest drama to hit the Blizzard camp, outside of Competitive, concerns the Devi Symmetra skin, which has upset a Hindu religious leader. He might find solace in knowing that the skin has likely been locked for several players due to the bug. Needless to say, Blizzard has a full plate.

While the progression bug is a major problem, it has not been, nor will it be, the only one. Overwatch is still a new game and it has some growing pains to work through. At least Blizzard is aware of the problem, and has promised to address it; given that it is a well-respected company that has a history of caring for its playerbase, it’s likely that things will eventually work out.

Until they get their progress back, PS4 players who need a quick pick-me-up should remind themselves that Torbjörn is getting the nerf he so richly deserves. At least justice is on their side. Sweet, sweet justice.

Source: Gamespot