Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan discusses rumors that loot drop rates changed for the recent Lunar New Year event, denying that drop rates were amended.

The success of Overwatch is undeniable, with the title now able to claim a huge 25 million registered players, and the reasons behind the popularity of the game are clear for all to see. While the basic mechanics of the shooter are extremely good fun, Blizzard has also put of a lot of effort into making tweaks to the game since launch, including putting on fun events for players. The recent Lunar New Year event, however, caused some players to claim that loot drop rates for rare skins had been reduced in comparison to other events.

Because of these comments coming up so regularly, it seems as though Blizzard has felt the need to speak up about this alleged change to Overwatch loot drops. Taking to the official Blizzard forums, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan felt the need to speak up about this supposed decrease in loot drop rates for the Year of the Rooster event, and calm a few fears. “The drop rates for Summer Games, Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland, and Year of the Rooster are all the same,” wrote Kaplan in the post.

While some Overwatch players have taken the Blizzard director at his word, other still feel a little dubious about the loot drop rates for these rare skins. With Kaplan’s authority behind the statement, however, it’s more likely that those players who missed out on rare skins simply feel a little aggrieved about missing out during the event.

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The rare skins for the Year of the Rooster event certainly became a big topic of conversation among Overwatch players. The release of some skins via an early leak certainly got the fanbase talking, while the entirety of the Lunar New Year event was chock full of collectible items, with players yearning to get their hands on the lot. The Year of the Rooster event, however, closed just this week.

Unfortunately for Overwatch fans looking for a new seasonal event, Blizzard does not seem to have anything lined up at this moment in time. When queried over what would be following the Year of the Rooster event, Blizzard advised that there is not anything in the pipeline for Easter, and rumors of a Valentine’s Day update were wide of the mark – although the company did offer up Valentine’s Day e-cards to Twitter users on the day. Although new events are bound to crop up, it may be some time to wait for the game’s players.

That’s not to say that the game will be left in its current status, of course. Blizzard has confirmed a number of changes to the title recently, including tweaks for Roadhog and Winston, as well as a Bastion buff that has caused problems over in PTR. One thing’s for sure – Overwatch is going to keep getting updates, although that’s going to be very bad news for hackers.

Overwatch is out now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.