As of late, many fans within the Overwatch community have been consistently criticizing Blizzard to say that the game is not balanced, which recently prompted director Jeff Kaplan to reveal the win rates for attack and defend on each map to prove that the team-based shooter is in fact well honed. Now, the publisher and developer has followed up the aforementioned data drop by unveiling the reward odds for loot boxes through its official South Korean forum.

According to Blizzard’s statistics, out of the four items found in each loot box, Overwatch fans should expect to receive at least one item of Rare or higher rarity for collection. Additionally, on average, the publisher and developer has shown that one in 5.5 loot boxes will contain an Epic item, while one in 13.5 loot boxes contains a Legendary item.

As it so happens, these aforementioned numbers for South Korean players are exactly the same as the loot box drop rates for Chinese players of Overwatch, potentially indicating that the reward odds for the items are the same across the board for all regions of the world. However, without specific data for each and every region that is able to play the game, there’s no way to officially know if the loot box drop rates are identical everywhere.

For those unaware, loot boxes have been a prickly issue between Overwatch players and Blizzard, especially during the game’s special events such as the annual Summer Games. To be specific, many players have insisted that the developer has been lowering drop rates for its limited release items, with game director Jeff Kaplan having refuted such claims to say that’s simply not the case.

In any event, it looks as if the whole system for loot boxes in Overwatch is about to change, as Blizzard currently has a new patch in testing in the team-based shooter’s Public Test Region that’s set to overhaul the way that the feature works. Of course, the studio didn’t divulge exactly when the PTR patch will come to the game’s live server, but when it does, fans should expect to encounter a bunch of different balance changes, as well as the official release of Doomfist to the masses.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: (via Inven Global)