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Nothing in regards to event-specific skins or content for Overwatch's one-year Anniversary event has been revealed yet, but players can be assured that there will be a lot of goodies to play for come May 23. However, it appears that Blizzard will have more than just Anniversary related content for fans, as the event will also include some non-event-related game content.

In a new interview with Polygon, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan revealed that, in addition to the slate of Anniversary content, Blizzard will also be refreshing the game's standard loot boxes with some new content. With some fans asking for new non-event cosmetics, as well as the development team wanting to give players new content, this should be a welcome addition for those who want to farm for skins and cosmetics at their own pace rather than be tied to an event's timer.

As for what new content fans can expect, Blizzard has been taking note of all the fan feedback and will be adding in that already-memorable shady shrug that Gabriel "Reaper" Reyes did in the recent Overwatch Uprising comic. Players will also be pleased to know that the long-awaited sitting Sombra emote and a laughing Orisa emote will also be added, both of which have been in the works for quite some time.


Blizzard has certainly been building up to Overwatch's one-year-anniversary event for quite some time now, but the team has more things in store for fans than cosmetics and skins. For those who are interested in some real-life merchandise as opposed to in-game items, there is a possibility that an Overwatch art book may be coming, as well as a comic book anthology that contains the first 12 issues of the digital Overwatch comic series.

As for in-game additions besides cosmetics, players can also expect some promised gameplay features soon, such as a highlights saving option. There are also a number of exciting things that are rumored to be in the works, such as the possibility of a Gun Game mode, and a handful of new maps and heroes - though nothing has been confirmed by Blizzard just yet.

With under a week before the Overwatch one-year Anniversary event begins, all eyes will be on what goodies Blizzard have packed into the loot boxes this time around, and we're expecting there to be quite a few smarmy Reaper shrugs going around come season 5 of Competitive Play.

Overwatch is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Polygon

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