A local co-op mode is something that Overwatch players have been calling for ever since the game was revealed, allowing them to play multiplayer on the same couch. Unfortunately, this dream may never be a reality, according to a recent post by Blizzard’s Lead Software Engineer, Bill Warnecke.

Replying to a request for local multiplayer on the Overwatch forums, Warnecke revealed that local co-op is most likely not in the cards for players, particularly those on consoles.

“Local co-op would be really cool but it’s not something we’re working on right now. Getting great performance on the console for this mode would be a significant amount of effort. Split screen really changes the experience of the game, and we’d have to iterate a lot on that to make it feel great.”


It’s a shame that some fans’ dreams of playing online with a friend in split-screen multiplayer will never be a reality, but maybe it’s something that Blizzard would consider with high enough demand. Playing through the event game modes, such as the recent Uprising co-op experience, is something that would fit couch multiplayer well, and it’s possible that the developer might change its mind in the future.

Of course, playing split-screen would be a huge disadvantage for competitive game modes, and seeing two or more users enter under the same handle might prove to be a frustrating experience for teammates who have access to a full screen. Thanks to the recent change to the Overwatch penalty system, it’s entirely possible that split-screen players who perform badly would see a few reports coming their way from some of the more angry competitive fans.

In other Overwatch news, there are only two days remaining until the release of the upcoming moon map, Horizon Lunar Colony. The map is set to go live this coming Tuesday and will allow players to experience low-gravity mid-fight, but not in local co-op.

Overwatch is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Battle.net