Reddit Looking for Group Tool is Better Than Overwatch Matchmaking

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One Overwatch player decides to improve the matchmaking capability of the newly-released shooter, building a Looking For Group tool that aids players in putting together a team.

From Conan O'Brien and the cast of Game of Thrones through to the makers of loot box-opening videos, it seems as though everyone is getting on board with Overwatch. That said, with the title so recently released, gamers may find it a little bit intimidating to break their way into the title - particularly if they did not grow accustomed to the game through its extensive beta testing. Thankfully, one player has decided to help matters through the creation of an impressive Looking For Group tool.

The tool in question, dubbed OverwatchLF, was created by Reddit user elapse as an attempt to assist with gamers looking to put together a team for all their Overwatch needs. Apparently working on the project since the game's beta finished, elapse has managed to spend over 100 hours on the tool so far. As it turns out, that effort is clear for all to see.

OverwatchLF offers plenty of different variants for users to search for, be it as individuals looking for groups or groups looking for additional players. Meanwhile, a variety of different filter options are available, including by platform and separating out searches for mic requirement. The whole site works as a live feed to boot, keeping users up-to-date with the latest requests available.

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From the sounds of it, OverwatchLF is going to keep growing and growing as well. The LFG tool's creator is purportedly working on a variety of new features for the project, with the potential for support no doubt an addition that many would find useful. If the Reddit thread discussing the tool is anything to go by, then user feedback is going to continue improving the overall experience of OverwatchLF, so those with suggestions can certainly hope for their opinions to be heard.

Overwatch has released to much anticipation from within the gaming community, with Blizzard launching the title alongside a launch trailer focusing on Soldier 76. Many gamers are now hoping that the commercial release of the game lives up to the expectations set during beta testing, getting ready to see whether the game's avoidance of the temptation of free-to-play will lead to a more rewarding experience overall.

With the title now around for all to check out, tools such as OverwatchLF may prove essential for gamers to get the most out of the game. Putting together a fun party will dramatically improve early users' experiences with Overwatch, perhaps just as much as picking the best hero as a beginner. Hopefully, OverwatchLF will continue going from strength to strength.

Overwatch is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit, OverwatchLF

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