Overwatch Players Hits Level 100 After 92 Hours In-Game


After a week of daily 13 hour play sessions, one streamer dings level 100 in Overwatch and shares his stats summary for the world to see how he pulled it off so quickly.

Unlike Blizzard's MMO World of Warcraft, players in Overwatch won't be locked down by a level cap of any sort. There's no stat boost to leveling up in the FPS, so why cap progress anyway, right? Although most players are still churning through the 20s and 30s and maybe the hardcore are at 50+, one very dedicated Overwatch streamer just finished documenting his journey to level 100. Ding!

Anyone who has played Overwatch is well aware that after the first few levels, gaining enough experience to level up and earn a loot box takes a lot of games. There are bonuses to XP that can be earned by playing with a team, winning, or clocking in consecutive matches; but even with that help it would still take a lot of play sessions to break into the three digit levels.

The streamer who pulled off the feat, FenderOverwatch, broadcasted about 13 hours of gameplay a day for a week straight. After clocking 92 hours in the game, Fender hit 100 on Tuesday, May 31, just one short week after the game's official launch.

Although hitting 100 doesn't unlock anything particularly exciting, aside from bragging rights, Fender's portrait in the game now has a cool border around it to signify the accomplishment. Check out his stats summary page below...


The player definitely has a type, with Pharah, McCree, and Reaper all dominating the top of his most played list. With over 30 hours logged in as Pharah, the ranged damage characters seem to be Fender's go-to option when finding a spot on the team. Every player will kind characters that suite their own style, but we recommend starting with some of those straight forward shooters, as well.

Hitting level 100 in a week is definitely an impressive feat, but considering that it seems each level takes a little less than an hour, we expect to see lots of other players running around with the level 100 portrait sooner rather than later. Not everyone is able to stream 13 hours a day (is that even healthy?), but putting in 90+ hours within the first month of Overwatch's release seems like something lots of gamers will make time for.

With competitive play arriving later in June, players will soon have even more motivation to log in daily and grind through the ranks. It's unclear how the revised ranking system will work at this point, but we're sure it will reward players who get in a lot of games on a daily basis.

What level are you in Overwatch? How long do you think it will take you to hit 100? Let us know in the comments.

Overwatch is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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