Several months ago, the American interactive entertainment company Activision Blizzard officially announced its decision to partner with LEGO Group to produce licensed LEGO sets based on the team-based shooter Overwatch. Now, the companies have decided to provide fans with their first look at what they should expect the game’s heroes to look like in LEGO form, by putting out a short little trailer for the new toys.

As seen in the mini-trailer below, Overwatch fans can get an idea of how the playable characters will translate to the LEGO world, with game director Jeff Kaplan putting together a Tracer figure that then comes to life. After being magically imbued with sentience, the LEGO version of the Overwatch hero then starts darting all around the screen, with the close-range skirmishing character espousing some of her familiar catch phrases along the way.

While the first look at Overwatch in LEGO form should please those looking forward to the official sets, this latest update on the product doesn’t offer a specific time frame as to when fans will be able to get their hands on them. Blizzard says they’re “coming soon”, but it leaves consumers guessing as to precisely when. What’s more is that pricing has yet to be disclosed as well. That said, though, it’s safe to presume that the Overwatch LEGO sets will at least be out before the holidays this year, and will be picked up in droves by consumers.

Beyond Overwatch‘s forthcoming LEGO sets, Blizzard continues to tweak and refine the title in order to provide its players with the most balanced experience possible. For instance, the hero Torbjörn finally received a much-needed rework to his abilities about a week ago, and there are likely even more adjustments that will be made to the playable cast of characters in the future. As a matter of fact, the title’s meta will likely have changed yet again by the time its LEGO sets have come out.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: PlayOverwatch – Twitter