Overwatch Lego Event Lets Players Unlock Brick Bastion Skin and More

overwatch lego event brick bastion

Blizzard's popular hero-shooter Overwatch has announced its next special event. From September 17 to September 30, Overwatch fans will have the opportunity to participate in Bastion's Brick Challenge, which serves as a crossover event between Overwatch and LEGO.

Overwatch LEGO sets have been available for some time now, so it an in-game crossover has seemed like an inevitability. Bastion's Brick Challenge will function similarly to past Overwatch events, with players rewarded for winning a certain number of matches while the event is live. In this case, players can win three matches to unlock two new player icons, six to unlock two new sprays, and nine to unlock the Epic-tier Brick Bastion skin. This skin is Bastion made out of LEGOs, whereas the other cosmetics are all LEGO-themed as well. Unfortunately, no LEGO skins for other Overwatch characters have been announced at this time.

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Additional cosmetic rewards will be available to Overwatch players who watch the game on Twitch. Players who tune in to participating broadcasts between now and September 30 will be able to unlock one new spray if they watch for two hours and two new sprays if they watch for four hours. Those who watch the selected Twitch streamers for a total of six hours will unlock two more players icons and two more sprays.

The Brick Bastion skin seems like it could very well become one of the character's most popular skins, and it's likely to be highly sought-after. It's a bit unfortunate, then, that Nintendo Switch owners will be missing out on the festivities. The Overwatch Switch port isn't due for release until October 15, meaning that those planning to pick up Overwatch on Nintendo's handheld/home console hybrid won't be able to participate.

However, Overwatch Switch owners will have the chance to try out future events in the game. This should include the annual Halloween Terror event, which is expected to add new Halloween-themed skins and feature the return of the Junkenstein's Revenge co-op mode. A little further out will be the Winter Wonderland event, which includes a variety of holiday-themed cosmetics along with appropriately-themed limited-time modes.

In the meantime, Overwatch players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One can participate in Bastion's Brick Challenge between now and September 30.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Switch version launching on October 15.

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