Professional eSports players have long had a history of making serious money, and it seems that Overwatch fans will soon be earning what can only be described as a little more than their fair share. According to the Overwatch League Player Agreement, the professional gamers will be earning a minimum salary of $50,000 a year.

That’s not all the benefits of becoming a pro-Overwatch player either it seems, as signed players are also entitled to health insurance and a retirement saving plan with when their minimum one-year contract is signed. Of course there is always more cash to be won by performing well in tournament, and the player agreement requires teams to distribute a minimum of 50% of all winnings directly to the players.


For reference, during just the first year of competitive Overwatch eSports there will be a total of $3.5 million distributed in the form of bonuses for playoff wins and other assorted League victories. For Season 1 there will also be a minimum of $1 million given to the champion team, leaving a lot of money on the line for potential victors to add to their already impressive salaries. It seems that this prize pool is just a drop in the bucket for the League, though, as the organization is set to earn a staggering $720 million every year.

Other rules specified by the agreement say that the team rosters must contain between 6 and 12 players, with no region locking in terms of place of birth or home country. Housing and adequate practice facilities will also be provided during the season, so that teams are able to develop their skills together all year round.

It sounds like Overwatch players have life made for them, but the League will only sign the best of the best so fans will have to develop their game to the highest of standards if they want to make it onto one of the first seven professional teams. For now, players that want to get noticed are best sticking to the game’s competitive game mode which is soon to feature the title’s newest offense hero – Doomfist.

Overwatch is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Overwatch League