Get ready, heroes, Overwatch is getting an all-new map, Junkertown, which happens to be the home of the game’s resident lunatic and explosives aficionado, Junkrat.

The newest Overwatch Escort map was announced today with a trailer that gives a tour of the ramshackle town. The trailer is narrated by the Queen of the Junkers, a gang of scavengers who roam what remains of the Australian Outback and live in Junkertown.

As the name implies, Junkertown is one big collage of junk, but it’s a surprisingly intriguing place to explore. The Junkers really make do with what they can, and it shows in the inventive ways they repurpose what is essentially garbage. After passing through the town, the tour ends in the Scrapyard, a gladiatorial arena where the Junkers can fight for glory and riches.

The map’s payload, which is brimming with valuables, will begin outside of Junkertown. The buildings here are so covered in rust that just a glance at them may make players want a tetanus shot. The payload then passes into the town proper, which is a little more cleaned up. From there, it navigates through the Scrapyard and ends at the Queen’s throne.

The Junkertown announcement doesn’t really come as a surprise, as the community has been anticipating it since the town was named in an unreleased Athena voice line datamined from the Overwatch PTR a few days ago. But Junkrat fans should still be delighted to see their character’s map officially announced and coming to the game.

Junkrat roadhog bike overwatch junkertown blizzard

While it may be a while before players can finally play as Junkrat on his home turf, they can still attempt to snag his new Australian themed skin during the Summer Games, which is currently being held on Overwatch. The event brings back Lucioball and a ton of new cosmetic items, including Summer-themed skins. Players also have a chance to claim all of the older Summer Games cosmetic items they may have missed from last year.

In other Overwatch news, one Lucio fan recently showed his appreciation to the character’s voice actor, Johnny Cruz, at a signing at Florida Supercon by giving him a D.Va body pillow. Cruz’s reaction to the gift was caught on video and posted to Reddit, where fans enjoyed the humorous results.

Junkertown may not have a release date at the moment, but there’s a good chance the map could be hitting the Overwatch PTR tomorrow. We’ll be sure to report on that if that becomes the case.

Overwatch is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.