The new escort map, Junktertown, has just become available on the Overwatch PTR, but only for PC players at this time. After only a week since the map’s announcement, the derelict town Junkrat and Roadhog call home is ready for testing.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on when the map will be available on the PTR for consoles, nor is there information on when the map is expected to go live. Typically, maps don’t spend too much time being tested before they’re released, so it should go live relatively soon. Overwatch players on PC who want to give the map a spin can hop into PTR and test right now.

junkertown overwatch map blizzard

Junkertown is nestled in the Australian wastelands, where it is populated by scavengers and ruled by a fearsome Queen. All of the wastelands’ worst residents are welcomed there; except for Junkrat and Roadhog, who are banned from entering due to some undisclosed shenanigans. That hasn’t stopped them from trying to get back in, though. A new animated short was released last week that showcases the exploits of this odd couple — specifically their wacky plan to get back inside Junkertown.

The new map is just the tip of Mei’s iceberg for Overwatch, as the game has been going through some big changes. The latest patch introduced a new Deathmatch mode, and added some quality of life updates to Widowmaker and Orisa. Junkrat and Roadhog even got some helpful ability tweaks just in time for the new map.

The PTR still has plenty of things cooking, and lots of crazy changes being tested. There is a huge nerf/buff for D.Va that lowers her Defense Matrix up time by half, but gives her a new, deadly ability. But the biggest, and wildest thing is what’s happening to one of Overwatch‘s best healers. Mercy is getting reworked, which will see her losing her ultimate and gaining an all-new one. Gone are the days of Mercy hiding out until she can resurrect her entire team. Resurrect is now a single-target ability with a 30 second timer and her ultimate now makes her a DPS machine in the right hands.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.