Today Blizzard released a new Overwatch in-engine animated video starring Junkrat and Roadhog to tease the upcoming Junkerton map. The video features the Australian duo being exiled out of Junkertown by the “Queen” and then plotting their revenge. Well, mostly it’s just Junkrat doing the plotting. The video perfectly sets up the context for the new Junkertown map, the reasons why players might be escorting a card of gold, money, and bombs through this Junkertown fortress.

Note that this is not an official Blizzard cinematic Animated Short, the high-quality videos Blizzard uses to delve deeper into character backstories and explore Overwatch‘s lore. It’s just a fun video Blizzard made in-engine specifically for the new map. There is, however, an official Animated Short announced to be released this Wednesday at gamescom. Given the announcement of the Junkerton map and this special animated video, speculation points toward the cinematic being focused on Roadhog and Junkrat as well.

In announcing its plans for gamescom, Blizzard used the specific language “reveal ceremony.” Speculation naturally went a bit wild at first, but now the Overwatch community can definitively say that the new Junkertown map is a worthy reveal. Except when is just one reveal ever enough for a community? New speculation is growing regarding the newly introduced Queen of Junkertown, whose throne is shown in the new map trailer. Could a new Overwatch character be announced in tandem with the new map?

Junkertown will officially be the newest map added to Overwatch‘s rotation. It is an escort map, as implied by the Roadhog and Junkrat trailer, pushing players to escort the cart from Junkrat’s workshop outside of town, up to the gates of Junkertown proper, through the town, and then directly into the Queen’s chambers. The map, like all of Overwatch‘s maps, is littered with details that will help flesh out the game’s rich lore.

The story of Australia’s outback and the Junkers is one ripe for Blizzard to explore. It’s already been revealed that the Outback was once gifted to the Omnics after the war, but the Australian Liberation Front fought against it. The fight ultimately led to the destruction of an omnium fusion core, irradiating the Outback wasteland. The only ones left living in the area are Junkers like Roadhog and Junkrat, which really tells you all you need to know about them.

Expect more information regarding Overwatch‘s Junkertown map and potentially more announcements at Blizzard’s gamescom┬ápresentation this Wednesday.

Overwatch is currently available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.