It’s no secret that there is a 27th hero in the works for Overwatch, and while there are many theories as to who that hero may be, new evidence points to it being none other than Jetpack Cat.

This thanks to a new piece of Overwatch art posted earlier today by Blizzard that appears to show schematics for a shield or armor piece of some kind. A note on the schematics seems to suggest that the armor is being built with enough room for a cat, and the tail and paw of an orange cat can also be seen. The image also features what appears to be a drawing of an animal in a jetpack (presumably a cat), but it is obscured by the schematics.

Check out the image for yourself right here:

It certainly seems as though Blizzard is teasing fans with the possibility that the scrapped Jetpack Cat hero will be making its way to the game after all. However, it’s also possible that the cat is just a red herring, or will serve as a companion to whoever the 27th hero turns out to be.

Right now, one of the most popular theories among fans is that hero 27 is none other than Brigitte, Torbjorn’s daughter. After all, Brigitte is the one who creates Reinhardt’s gear for him, and she was featured in the Honor and Glory animated short. Brigitte also seems to be an important part of the upcoming Operation White Dome event, as the events on that day directly resulted in Reinhardt becoming her godfather and even naming her.

If hero 27 isn’t Brigitte or Jetpack Cat, then there are other possibilities as well. For example, it’s possible that the new hero is the Junkertown Queen, as previously rumored, or the recently revealed Private First Class Emre Sarioglu. Perhaps more images will be released in the coming days that will give fans a better idea of who exactly the next hero will be.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.