Those gamers who play Overwatch on a regular basis are sure to know Jeff Kaplan for being a friendly face who delivers the latest developer updates on the title’s official YouTube channel always being present on stage at BlizzCon, but it seems that the Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment is not a man that you’d want to cross. Although the Overwatch development team is always dedicated to scrolling through player feedback in the game’s online forums, unhelpful complaining might just land users in trouble with Jeff himself.

One such online complaint was made by Overwatch forum poster Deventh who took to the game’s online community to leave what could certainly be seen as far from constructive criticism. In a General Discussion post they created under the heading “Anyone else getting fed up with the balancing going on?”, the user complained that the team responsible for the game’s balance should be replaced. Although the thread attracted a lot of other less-than-happy Overwatch players, it was Deventh that suffered Jeff’s wrath this time.

“Make a productive post either clearly stating an issue that you’re having or make a productive suggestion,” the Overwatch Game Director replied. “We won’t tolerate demands of “people being replaced” on these forums. See you in 30 days.”

Jeff Kaplan parody video overwatch hero

This isn’t the first time that Jeff Kaplan has had encounters with Overwatch trolls and although the development team always appears to try and listen to player feedback, it must be difficult to find amongst all the forum users that simply post complaints. Jeff’s final comment seems to imply that Deventh’s account will be locked from posting the forums for the next month, but it’s likely that the user can still access their Blizzard game library.

Although this encounter might leave the head of Overwatch looking a little immature to some, it’s understandable to be angry with the constant unhelpful criticism of a game you’ve spent years developing. The last time Jeff had a dispute with an angry fan, the two ended up having a pleasant exchange with a much more satisfying resolution.

If a run-in with Jeff Kaplan himself isn’t enough to scare Overwatch fans, the game’s Halloween Terror update is sure to put them in the right mood for October’s scare-filled festivities. Just days after the potential start date was revealed, Blizzard announced that October 10 would see the next seasonal event begin, complete with more Halloween-themed skins and old favorites returning at last.

Overwatch is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Battle.Net