Overwatch Insurrection Trailer Leaks Latest Event


As is fast becoming the norm at this point, Overwatch's next event has been leaked just before the special Insurrection game mode is set to go live. With just a day remaining until the date mentioned in Blizzard's most recent teaser arrives, PlayStation France's YouTube account already released the full trailer for the latest special affair, but has since pulled it offline.

It seems that the Insurrection event will feature some sort of Player vs AI game mode similar to that seen in the Halloween update. This time it seems that Overwatch fans will assemble a team consisting of Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy, and Torbjorn, in a fight against an Omnic army.

The battle will take place in a daytime King's Row, as Tracer takes on her first mission alongside the Overwatch team. In the trailer, which has since been removed, we see scenes featured in the latest comic, which takes place long before the current story events.


A translation from Reddit indicates that over 100 new items will be coming in Insurrection, including sprays, emotes, and some fancy new skins. Aside from the standard Overwatch uniforms, fans will also be treated to Blackwatch versions of McCree and Genji, as well as a more human-looking pre-Talon Widowmaker.

The special event will presumably launch tomorrow, and the trailer indicates that it is set to run up until May 1, giving players limited time to collect all of the new special goodies before they are locked away forever. It's an interesting move on Blizzard's part, and we hope that there are many more lore-themed specials to come in the future, especially since there are very few ways outside of the comics to learn the story of Overwatch.

In other related news, Blizzard has announced that the next hero to join the Overwatch roster is already very far along in development. What we can only assume is the long-awaited Doomfist will presumably be coming within the coming months, despite tank-hero Orisa launching just last month.

Overwatch is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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