Overwatch: See the New Bastion, Blackwatch Skins for Insurrection Event

As is typical of Overwatch events, details on tomorrow's Insurrection event have leaked ahead of time thanks to a trailer that was prematurely uploaded to the Internet. The leaked trailer seems to confirm suspicions that Overwatch's Insurrection event will feature PvE gameplay, not to mention that the event will be introducing a slew of new skins to the game, with Bastion, Genji, McCree, and Widowmaker all getting new looks tomorrow.

The new skins for Genji, McCree, and Widowmaker are based on their Blackwatch uniforms. For those that haven't delved into the Overwatch lore, Blackwatch was basically a black ops section of the Overwatch team, led by Gabriel Reyes, aka Reaper. Prior to the events of the game, Blackwatch would engage in covert missions, whereas Overwatch tackled more public threats, like the Omnic uprising in King's Row, for instance.

The Blackwatch skins for Genji, McCree, and Widowmaker are some of the most elaborate skins coming in tomorrow's Insurrection update, meaning they will probably be higher tier and cost a pretty penny to unlock.

Overwatch: See the New Bastion, Blackwatch Skins - Genji
Overwatch: See the New Bastion, Blackwatch Skins - McCree
Overwatch: See the New Bastion, Blackwatch Skins - Widowmaker
Overwatch: See the New Bastion, Blackwatch Skins - Insurrection Bastion

Bastion, meanwhile, is getting an interesting skin of his own. While not tied to the Overwatch or Blackwatch themes, Bastion's skin is directly related to the Insurrection event, adopting a purple look similar to the enemy Omnics seen in the leaked trailer. Anyone interested in Bastion's skin should know that it is an epic-tier skin, meaning it will still be pricey, but should be one of the cheaper new skins available.

The leaked trailer also offers an idea of what to expect from the price of some of the other new skins. For example, we now know that Torbjorn's new skin is a legendary-tier cosmetic, which could mean the skins for Mercy, Reinhardt, and Tracer are as well. Previous speculation pointed to these skins being lower tier, as they don't seem very elaborate, but it appears as though that's not the case.

With the introduction of these new skins, hopefully Blizzard can avoid a repeat of the Mei skin controversy, where it set a skin to a higher tier than many fans thought was appropriate. Regardless, Overwatch enthusiasts are likely happy to have some new skins to unlock at all, even if some may be a little too expensive for their liking.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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