Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan vows to improve the Mystery Heroes arcade mode. Mystery Heroes is one of the most popular modes in the multiplayer shooter, but players have plenty of complaints about it.

Overwatch‘s Mystery Heroes is a weird and wonderful game mode which randomly assigns a playable character to the player. It’s meant to be fun and should see players try their best with characters they may not be familiar with, but it can be frustrating too. For example, when players get a character they don’t like, they ‘re-roll’ by purposefully killing their character until they get one that they know how to play better.

In a post on the game’s forum, director Jeff Kaplan addresses this issue by saying that the Overwatch team “definitely” wants to get rid of “suiciding to force a hero switch.” Removing the Assemble Heroes wait time (the inability to pick a character makes the wait pointless) is also on the to-do list and Kaplan also addresses fan frustration with the randomness of the mode too. Getting an imbalanced team composition when the enemy team has a balanced one can also be annoying, as is facing up against with five D.Vas or five Orisas who just place shields and block all incoming damage.


But Kaplan asks whether this is “part of the charm” of Mystery Heroes and whether players would prefer a “purely random system (such as it works now) versus a mostly random system where we try to limit stacking and nudge the team comps towards something more reasonable?” The game director can see arguments for both and is requesting feedback.

As Blizzard gathers up responses from disgruntled players and satisfied fans, the developer will have a big decision to make. Having confirmed that Overwatch will not get new seasonal events in year two, it means that game modes that have already been introduced to the game (e.g Lucioball and Junkenstein’s Revenge) have to appeal to players.

The developer has suggested that it could tweak game modes in order to make quality of life improvements and if it did decide to change Mystery Heroes, that would certainly be part of that. Blizzard has a big challenge on its hands, keeping Overwatch‘s 25 million players happy and engaged without bringing new game modes into the mix and so it’s important to keep a close eye on how the company addresses fan complaints and ticks things off of its to-do list.

Overwatch is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Blizzard