Overwatch: How to Unlock the Dr. Ziegler Mercy Skin

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While fans of Overwatch are now eagerly awaiting the eventual release of the recently announced sequel, Overwatch 2, Blizzard’s first hero shooter is far from inactive. Blizzard still has plans to keep Overwatch active even after the release of the sequel. In fact, yesterday Blizzard elaborated further on the backstory and lore of the angelic medic, Mercy.

In addition to this added history to Mercy, players have the opportunity to unlock some new cosmetics related to everyone’s favorite Overwatch healer. From now until December 2, Overwatch will be housing the Mercy’s Recall Challenge which will task players with completing tasks to earn sprays, player icons, and even a legendary skin for Mercy.

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The Mercy’s Recall Challenge

Thankfully, earning these cosmetics won’t call for players to spend any additional money. All the rewards tied to the challenge can be earned through playing the game or watching Twitch streams online. So, all that’s really required is a bit of time, dedication, and a certain amount of skill.

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The rewards that have been laid out are fairly straightforward: win three games to earn a player icon, win six games to earn two Mercy-related sprays, and win nine games to unlock the legendary Dr. Ziegler skin. The other rewards offered through the event require players to watch Twitch streams for a certain amount of time, something fairly standard for both companies. Two hours of watch-time will reward players with a spray, four hours unlocks two more sprays, and six total hours unlocks three more sprays. Players will need to link their Blizzard and Twitch accounts to actually receive these sprays.

Some Context for this Event

This event is mainly to celebrate and promote the new ‘Valkyrie’ short story that focuses on Mercy. Written by the lead writer of Overwatch, Michael Chu, the short story itself focuses on what Mercy has been up to ever since her time as the head of medical research for Overwatch ended.

The Dr. Ziegler skin, which sees Mercy clad in a lab coat, glasses, and stethoscope, is a reference to her personal identity. Mercy, whose real name is Dr. Angela Ziegler, earned her MD and PHD in Switzerland prior to joining Overwatch. Wanting to heal those on the front lines of war, Ziegler created her iconic swift-response suit and began acting personally on Overwatch missions after joining the organization.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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