Overwatch: Horizon Lunar Colony Hints at New Character

Overwatch moon map tease

Overwatch's scattered backstory has been further revealed via messages from Winston's former mentor: Harold Winston. The brief look into the history of Blizzard's first-person shooter could hint at a number of things, including the possibility of the rumored 'Moon' map coming soon.

According to a new post on the Overwatch forum, new messages have been acquired from the Horizon Lunar Colony prior to the moon-base going offline. The scientists on board seem to have been having issues with the genetically-enhanced gorillas on the base, shortly before the animal subjects staged an uprising to kill all their humans companions.


The messages also hint at the existence of a smaller test specimen named Hammond who had gone missing and was seemingly moving around the station via the air vents. This new reveal has got fans online very excited at the promise of another animal hero coming in the future, or the possibility of the first monkey Doomfist. What seems to give the idea for a new hero some credit is the fact that game director Jeff Kaplan recently stated the new hero is 'on the horizon'.

According to the report from Atlas News, Horizon Lunar Colony is still very much operational, with all the test subjects alive and on-board. Only Winston and Hammond are missing-in-action, as well as all of the scientists who made the trip. This seems to suggest that Overwatch's next trip could be to the moon, where an emergency airlock malfunction could hint at a low-gravity section of the map.

Another feature that might be coming soon to Overwatch is a competitive version of the title's updated 3 v 3 game mode. The new way to play has players thinking a lot more tactically than the old version, seeing as heroes that win get locked from future rounds and Blizzard claims that it could eventually be a viable ranked mode.

Overwatch is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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