For the past couple of weeks, the next Overwatch map, Horizon Lunar Colony, has been tested in the game’s PTR (Public Test Region). Now the map is ready to make its way to the actual game, with a simultaneous launch planned for PC, PS4, and Xbox One next week on June 20th.

The Horizon Lunar Colony map in Overwatch is an Assault-type map set on the moon. Most of the map takes place inside the lunar colony where Winston was raised, but portions of it take place on the surface of the moon itself, which means players will have to take low gravity into account.

In terms of lore, the Horizon Lunar Colony map will have places familiar to anyone that has seen Winston’s animated short. Overwatch fans will be able to see the room Winston grew up in, the huge telescope room where he first saw Earth, and other areas from the short. Scattered about the colony will be various items related to Winston and his backstory, as well as clues as to what happened to make Winston abandon the moon for Earth.

Along with the Horizon Lunar Colony map, the June 20th update for Overwatch is likely to bring with it some other changes currently being tested in the PTR. As it stands, some significant hero tweaks are being tested, with McCree and Reaper possibly getting buffed, whereas Roadhog is facing a significant nerf.

While this next update is sure to be appreciated by fans of the game (except maybe Roadhog mains), others may be growing impatient for news on the next hero. There were rumors that Doomfist would be revealed for the game at E3, and while Terry Crews was at the show, it was to promote Crackdown 3, not Overwatch. There also hasn’t been any news in regards to the chimpanzee support hero that has been rumored since the Horizon Lunar Colony map originally leaked a couple of weeks ago.

Some Overwatch fans may find it hard to wait for news on the game’s next heroes, but hopefully the Horizon Lunar Colony map can tide them over until Blizzard is ready to share more information.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.