Overwatch Holiday Event Launches Next Week


It looks like the datamined Christmas Event for Overwatch is only a week away, judging by an invite to players, posted to the game's official Twitter account.

Good news for all the Overwatch fans out there, as the game's holiday event is likely set to launch on December 13, bringing with it a range of new ways to play and some Christmas-themed skins.

Blizzard's latest first-person shooter Overwatch is the gift that keeps on giving as the game's official Twitter account hosts a very special message for the title's players. In the form of a short animation, the Overwatch developer invites players to join a special event hosted in game which launches on the 13th of December.


The invite also shows a holiday-themed version of British map King's Row, confirming that the datamined Christmas update will be bringing with it some changes to the game's maps. It is likely however that, as with the Halloween event, only select maps will see the changes occur, while the rest remain the same as ever.

If the Halloween and Summer Games events are anything to go by, a holiday update will likely bring a range of Christmas-themed skins, emotes, highlight intros, voice lines, and sprays to collect - all wrapped up in an exclusive new lootbox that can only be earned during the event. That means that all items will be exclusive to people who level up or purchase the items during the event's duration, though an end date has not yet been announced.

During the Halloween Terror event, the new legendary skins for each character (usually the most desirable and rare appearances) could be purchased for a staggering three thousand gold each, meaning that players that want to buy them outright are going to have to get saving now if they hope to be able to afford more than one or two.

New game modes may also be available during the update, as was the case with 'Junkenstein's Revenge', but some of the Overwatch community have taken the burden of creation onto themselves. Using the title's 3v3 elimination mode, many fans have begun playing their own hide and seek gamemode, attempting simply to survive the round by stalling out the game.

All this should be taken with a pinch of salt for now, as Blizzard have refrained from announcing what the Christmas event will bring just yet, but with an update on the way and the third season of competitive play having just launched, there's a perfect opportunity to jump right back into Overwatch this festive season.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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