Blizzard continues to tease Overwatch fans with the identity of the 24th hero that will be making their way into the team-based shooter, as the publisher and developer took to the game’s official Twitter account today to post a new image of the title’s in-universe genius grant recipient and Numbani local Efi Oladele’s list of “things to get.” The post not only shows off Oladele’s list, but also reads that she declared on her personal holovid channel that it’s “Time to get to work!”

As seen in the tweet from Overwatch‘s Twitter account below, fans are shown that Oladele needs to acquire an OR-15 chassis, Branford arm, a fusion driver, a miniature Tobelstein reactor, some paint (with colors including brown, tan, lime green, and yellow), and some more Lucio-Oh’s! cereal. Interestingly enough, the young robotics expert has already gotten one of the items on the list – an Axiom vocal processor – which is shown right next to the list, and can be seen as a reference to a bipedal robot that can be found on posters throughout Numbani.

Firstly, the OR-15 chassis seen on Oladele’s list is a reference to the defense robots that were destroyed in an attack on the Numbani airport, as was depicted in a tease for the next hero by Blizzard a few days ago. Secondly, the Branford arm could be an allusion to Doomfist’s gauntlet, which went missing in-game after an update to the Numbani map in Public Test Region, and it’s possible that Oladele could be using it to “arm” the rumored robot hero named Anchora that she’s building.

Next up, the fusion driver could simply be an innocuous reference to some piece of pseudo-scientific technology, but knowing Blizzard’s track record with teasing Overwatch materials, there’s likely a deeper reason for it being on the list. Lastly, ardent Overwatch fans will likely jump straight to the character Zarya when thinking about the miniature Tobelstein reactor, as she has a spray called “Tobelstein” that appears to be the main source of energy for her Particle Cannon.


As far as the more intricate details are concerned, there are blueprint designs found within Oladele’s picture, which could possibly be an allusion to the kind of weapon the next hero in Overwatch will wield, in addition to a small note paper-clipped at the top that might be a look at the design for the next hero’s headgear. Not to mention, the “5-19” written on the red monkey wrench might be a potential reference to the day on which Blizzard has planned to officially unveil the 24th hero in the game.

Of course, since Blizzard has yet to confirm or deny any hearsay regarding Overwatch‘s next character, the studio could end up throwing everyone for a loop by planning a double character reveal with a simultaneous confirmation of Efi Oladele’s creation and Doomfist. Nevertheless, fans will have to be patient, as it may be a long while before the next hint or confirmation of the identity of the forthcoming hero (or heroes) comes to pass.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.