Overwatch Hero Leak May Reveal Hero 31

overwatch hero leak may reveal hero 31

Update 2: The official Overwatch Twitter account has released a second Sigma teaser.

Update 1: The official Overwatch Twitter account has released what is quite possibly the first Sigma teaser trailer.

Last week, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan teased Hero 31, revealing that the new character is male, but not confirming much else about what to expect from him. We still haven't heard anything official on Hero 31, but the Mexican Twitter account for Overwatch World Cup may have leaked the hero's name and face.

The Twitter account posted some screenshots, reportedly pulled from the Overwatch Espanol news blog but since removed, showing the new role queue feature in action. In one of the screenshots, labeled "TEMP ART," players can see an unannounced character named Sigma at the top of the most-played characters list.

Alongside Sigma's name is a character portrait that shows what appears to be an old man. Beyond that, there's not much else that can be learned from the art. If Sigma is the next character in Overwatch, we aren't sure what kind of Hero he is or anything like that at this time.

overwatch hero leak may reveal hero 31

Now, there is a distinct possibility that this art is fake. One good indicator is that the Twitter account, supposedly an official Mexican account for the Overwatch World Cup, has left the image up. Something else to consider is that, as many people in the Twitter thread have pointed out, "Sigma" is awfully close to "Ligma," which is an Internet joke.

That being said, there is some evidence that indicates Sigma could be the real deal. The main thing working in Sigma's favor is the fact that there is a clothing line in the Overwatch universe named Sigma. Since Blizzard likes to tease new characters in some capacity before actually adding them to the game, perhaps Sigma is the man in charge of the clothing line. Alternatively, maybe he is some kind of in-game celebrity and the clothing line is just based on his fashion sense.

If Sigma is next the Overwatch Hero, then it may come as a surprise to fans. Previously, the running theory was that the character Mauga was going to be Hero 31, as he was introduced in Baptiste's "What You Left Behind" short story. Of course, it's possible that Sigma is fake and Mauga is still Hero 31 as predicted, but we'll just have to wait for Jeff Kaplan and the Overwatch team to share more information to be sure one way or another.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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