Overwatch‘s latest addition to the hero roster, Doomfist, has only been available for a few days, but there’s already speculation brewing over who will be the next to join the game’s extensive cast.

An anonymous user (and a supposed developer within Blizzard) going by the name of BlackwatchFiles has leaked an extensive amount of information about Overwatch‘s alleged next hero on Imgur, such as concept art and an extensive biography. Named Psyren, the supposed new character looks like a cross between Symmetra and Sombra, and is allegedly a speedy defensive hero whose skill set revolves around the use of a retractable sword, as well as some limited tanking abilities.

According to the leaked biography (which spans four in-depth pages), Psyren is a former member of Blackwatch, the coverts ops section of Overwatch. She also holds a grudge against Omnics, blaming them for the death of her mother, and is under the tutelage of the section’s former boss Gabriel Reyes (aka Reaper).


overwatch psyren abilities

overwatch psyren sword

While leaked Psyren information is impressive in scope and more in-depth than anything we’ve seen previously, there is an unsurprising amount of skepticism being leveled at these leaks. Not only does the timing of these leaks go against the usual months-long gap between new Overwatch heroes, fans have noticed that the leaks lack a proper 3D model of the character.

Moreover, the art of Psyren doesn’t quite match the normal Overwatch style, and the leaked information is seemingly far too in-depth when compared to leaked information of the game’s previous new heroes. This is the type of information that seems more likely a part of a clever fake, where the “leaker” is trying to indulge their own creativity when it comes to Overwatch fandom. It’s also suspect that a member of the Blizzard dev team would leak this info to keep players interested in the game.

It remains to be seen whether these leaks are legitimate, especially since Doomfist was only added into the game a few days ago. With various other things being worked on at the moment, such as an upcoming Junkrat buff, as well as the usual months long wait between new Overwatch heroes, we shouldn’t expect Blizzard to speak up about Psyren (or the game’s next hero) any time soon.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Imgur