Overwatch New Hero is 'Very Far Along in Development'

The next Overwatch hero is "very far along in development," reveals game director Jeff Kaplan. The next playable character in the game would be the 25th on the character roster after quadruped robot guardian Orisa joined the game last month.

In a new interview, Kaplan confirmed that he "absolutely" knows who the next character will be. Not only is the development team "at the point where we're doing art for that hero" but they are also doing "a lot of aggressive play-testing." The game director also said that the team is set on "what the abilities are and how they interact" though any other Overwatch heroes beyond that are still in the "prototype" or "exploration" phase of development.

While Kaplan didn't hint at who the character might be, other than saying that it's "not safe" to assume that they will be a defense hero, the smart money is on Doomfist. Doomfist is a character who has been teased plenty by the game's developer Blizzard, with Overwatch updates continuing to reference the character. Even the introduction of Orisa came with references to the character, highly suggesting that Blizzard is set to make a formal reveal of the character soon.


Moreover, Brooklyn Nine Nine actor Terry Crews has also posted plenty of hints that he is playing Doomfist, even asking fans if they think that he should take on the role. Of course that might just be a particularly cruel form of teasing from Crews, but few could blame people for getting their hopes up.

If Doomfist really is the next face set to join the massively popular multiplayer game, then fans will have their fingers crossed that Blizzard makes the reveal sooner rather than later. The reveal of Sombra, the game's 23rd character, was heavily criticized by fans, as it was drawn out for so long. Blizzard pledged to make changes to the way it reveals characters in the future, but as many fans will agree, the Doomfist hype is beginning to reach that point.

In order to avoid similar complaints this time around the developer will have to get a move on when it comes to officially confirming the character. And, as they are far along in development, it now seems quite likely that this will happen.

Overwatch is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: IBTimes

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