Overwatch Theory Correctly Predicted New Hamster Hero

Wrecking Ball Overwatch

A few weeks ago, some changes were made in PTR to Overwatch's Lunar Colony map that seemed to tease that a new hero, named Hammond, was making its way to the game. This led many to theorize and speculate about who this new hero could be and out of all the competing theories, one ended up being right on the ball.

A couple days ago, after another teaser video was shown, a Redditor by the name stmauer put together their thoughts as to who the new Overwatch hero would be. The theory pointed to many emails between scientists talking about Hammond being loose and roaming around in ventilation ducts around the colony. They do not seem to be worried about him being loose, meaning he's not seen as being much of a threat. There are a few other things the user points out, too.

Of course, we now know that Hammond is a hamster that pilots a rolling mech. The other main competing theory out there was that Hammond was another gorilla, like Winston. The points made by stmauer's theory put holes in him being a gorilla, though, as the scientists would probably be worried if a large gorilla was loose and it would more than likely not be able to fit in the ventilation shafts. Another thing pointed out by the clever Redditor was how the item rolling around in the teaser moved the same as a hamster ball would.

The hero's official name is Wrecking Ball and is touted as being the "Scrapyard Champion." In the developer update, Jeff Kaplan talks about how Hammond was tested on in the same facility as Winston. His pod became separated from Winston's and crash-landed in Junkertown, where Hammond turned it into a mech and fought in gladiator-like arena combat. Wrecking Ball is a tank hero that can roll around the battlefield, fire its cannons ,and drop mines. For those that are curious about what tricks Wrecking Ball will bring can check out our weapon and abilities breakdown for the character.

As of right now, there is no set release date for when players can expect Wrecking Ball to be put into the full game, but the character has been added to the PTR on PC.

Overwatch is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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