Overwatch‘s next event is just a week away according to an official tweet from Blizzard. Halloween Terror 2017. The second annual spooky Overwatch event will be┬ástarting on October 10.

The Twitter teaser also had a couple more surprises, namely two newly revealed Halloween-themed skins, but no further details were forthcoming, however. Players will likely have to wait until October 9 for the full event to be unveiled.

The two skins shown in the short Halloween Terror 2017 teaser are for Reaper and McCree, both likely to be Legendary quality skins. Reaper’s skin looks to be a more modern take on a vampire, with a high-collared black and red jacket, and his mask now sporting fangs. McCree, in complement, makes for a very fitting Van Helsing. Van Helsing is, of course, the original vampire hunter from the classic Dracula story. McCree’s version of Van Helsing is also quite unique, with what looks to be a glowing demonic hand.

While the short teaser provides no direct evidence of further Halloween Terror content, speculation has already begun. There’s no insinuation that the Dr. Junkenstein’s Revenge game mode will be returning, but the tease of vampires vs. vampire hunters implies a new version of the cooperative Halloween horde mode may be introduced. Then again, Blizzard may have a surprise in store for everyone.

The official announcement from Blizzard today coincides with previous rumors regarding the start of Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror event for this year. Promotional art, likely from a retail game store like GameStop, mentioned putting up the advertisement on October 9. October 10th being a Tuesday, the day of the week Overwatch updates typically go live, makes perfect sense for the event’s launch. Today’s teaser only confirmed the rumors.

Stay tuned for more information on the Halloween Terror 2017 event leading up to October 10. If the recent Summer Games 2017 event is any indication, there won’t be as much loot box content as when Halloween Terror first debuted, beyond plenty of Legendary skins. But to make up for it, loot boxes will feature all of 2016’s skins, emotes, sprays and more in addition to what’s new.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.