Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019 Skins Revealed

Today is a big day for Overwatch. Not only is the Overwatch Switch port finally out, but Blizzard is finally kicking off the Halloween Terror 2019 event, bringing with it the Junkenstein's Revenge co-op mode and a slew of new Halloween-themed cosmetics. Cosmetics from past Overwatch Halloween events are available as part of Halloween Terror 2019, but fans will be most excited to get their hands on the new Halloween skins added as part of this year's event.

There are five new legendary skins and three new epic skins that are available in loot boxes as part of the Overwatch Halloween event for 2019. For legendary skins, Overwatch players can unlock Pharaoh Ana, Warlock Ashe, Demon Orisa, Will-o-Wisp Tracer, and Scorpion Widowmaker. The new epic-tier Overwatch Halloween skins, meanwhile, are Inferno Junkrat, Vampire Baptiste, and Gorgon Lucio.

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This year, Overwatch fans will be able to get skins from more than just loot boxes. Overwatch players can earn a bonus legendary Demon Hunter Sombra skin by winning nine matches while the Halloween Terror 2019 event is live. The event will be available from now until November 4, so Overwatch players have plenty of time to win matches and unlock the Demon Hunter Sombra skin, along with other cosmetic rewards.

Pharaoh Ana (Legendary)

overwatch halloween event 2019 skins

Warlock Ashe (Legendary)

overwatch halloween event 2019 skins

Demon Orisa (Legendary)

overwatch halloween event 2019 skins

Will-o-Wisp Tracer (Legendary)

overwatch halloween event 2019 skins

Scorpion Widowmaker (Legendary)

overwatch halloween event 2019 skins

Demon Hunter Sombra (Legendary)

Inferno Junkrat (Epic)

overwatch halloween event 2019 skins

Vampire Baptiste (Epic)

overwatch halloween event 2019 skins

Gorgon Lucio (Epic)

overwatch halloween event 2019 skins

Overall, the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019 event skins are pretty impressive, and since all past years' cosmetics are up for grabs as well, there are more Halloween-themed skins available than ever before. Hopefully the time between now and November 4 gives Overwatch fans the chance to get the skin for their favorite hero, at least.

In the meantime, the Overwatch Halloween Terror event is being overshadowed a bit by the ongoing Blizzard Hong Kong controversy. For the uninitiated, Blizzard decided to ban a professional Hearthstone player for speaking in favor of the liberation of Hong Kong, which in turn sparked outrage from the community. The backlash to the Hong Kong incident has been so severe that Blizzard even canceled the Overwatch Switch launch party at the Nintendo Store in New York.

Whether or not this Halloween event is enough for angry fans to return to Overwatch remains to be seen.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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