Overwatch Could Get Gun Game Mode in Future


The various non-Competitive Play game modes in Overwatch have been one of the most popular additions to the multiplayer shooter, and if a new post from the game's director Jeff Kaplan is to be believed, players can expect the arrival of even more new game modes soon.

In a new post over at the Blizzard Forums, a fan wrote up a suggestion about implementing a Gun Game-like mode into Overwatch, whereby everyone is thrown into free-for-all combat, an elimination will move a player to the next hero, and the winner is crowned once someone manages to get an elimination with every character. In response, Kaplan stated that the development are "big fans" of Gun Game modes and would "love to try something like this at some point".

The implementation of a new Gun Game mode to Overwatch would be a welcome addition to the shooter's Arcade Mode, which has remained relatively static since the 3v3 and 1v1 Elimination modes were patched in months ago. This isn't the first time that Kaplan has expressed enthusiasm for fan suggestions, but there could be a bit of a wait for a Gun Game mode should the development team move forward with this idea. Not only would this new mode require new maps and assets to be specially made, Blizzard are also undoubtedly busy with various other upcoming Overwatch content updates.


Rumors surfaced last week that the development team are working on three new maps, three new Overwatch heroes, and a new game mode, which is quite an ambitious slate of new content though it has not yet been confirmed if this is all true or mere speculation.

Having said that, there is further speculation that players won't have to wait long before the studio unveil new Overwatch content as there is datamining evidence to suggest that Blizzard are working on a big one year anniversary event in celebration of the game's initial May 24, 2016 launch. While there is no doubt that the development team are hard at work on new content updates for Overwatch, Blizzard have remained tight-lipped on what's coming up next for the game.

It remains to be seen what Blizzard have got planned in the next major content update for Overwatch, but with the game's first anniversary coming up and E3 2017 following shortly afterwards, expect some big reveals soon and fingers crossed that these announcements will include the aforementioned Gun Game mode.

Overwatch is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Blizzard

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