YouTuber hulkman503 reveals an interesting exploit within the Overwatch map Nepal which allows him and a friend to navigate between all three levels of the map without dying.

Blizzard’s popular shooter Overwatch has benefited from a strong community presence long before the title ever hit store shelves. Even with only the slightest of teases, fans were able to start putting pieces together for what would eventually become the first post launch DLC character, known now as Ana.  While the focus for most has seemingly turned to figuring out the next character known as Sombra, a pair of YouTubers have managed to figure out why the Nepal map doesn’t need load screens between rounds.

As YouTuber hulkman503 has found out, the Overwatch map Nepal is actually one massive map made up of three distinct zones, which is the main reason why there are no loading screens between each of the rounds. Strangely enough, with two Mercys and some creative positioning, players can actually travel down to the different levels. Starting on the highest point of the map, the video shows how to start the process by using Mercy’s resurrect abilities and then gliding around the sky boxes and death planes of the second map in order to land safely on the lowest level of Nepal.

It’s certainly impressive that someone managed to actually figure this out, as the glitch requires detailed knowledge of where to land and also certain points where the environment has no collision. Thankfully, there doesn’t appear to be a way to use this to mess with other players, as once the duo managed to reach the final and lowest area of the map, the control point was not active. If that had been an actual match, leaving the main area to jump to the bottom would have left their team at a serious disadvantage.

Still, it is fairly interesting that the glitch was found at all considering the amount of difficult and specific maneuver required in order to pull it off. Expect Blizzard to take note of this one and fix it up, perhaps with a few more death planes.

It’s been a fairly smooth run so far with Overwatch, as the majority of bugs, issues, and glitches that have been found, such as this PlayStation 4 specific problem, have either been minor or resolved fairly quickly. With that said, a potentially game breaking issue with Ana was found earlier this week, as three players using the support sniper were able to boot an enemy player from the game, by using her sleep dart over and over until the server assumed the player had gone inactive.

Do you see any potential harm in this glitch? Have you discovered any other specific map glitches? Let us hear your thoughts down in the comments.

Overwatch is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source:  hulkman503 YouTube