A group of Overwatch players create an unofficial game mode called “Genji Badminton,” using the speedy character’s “Deflect” ability for some explosive fun.

Since its launch, Overwatch has been played by over 7 million players who have logged over 100 million gameplay hours within its varied, colorful multiplayer maps. But what have these players actually spent those hours getting up to? As it turns out, those playing Blizzard’s new shooter haven’t just been controlling points, escorting payloads, and getting eliminations as the game’s 21 playable heroes. Rather creatively (and impressively) some players haven taken it upon themselves to create their very own game mode of sorts, with “Genji Badminton” being the latest way that Overwatch players are entertaining themselves.

Genji Badminton is an unofficial game mode created by Overwatch players in South Korea. The mode works like a round of doubles badminton and involves four players as speedy, projectile-deflecting character Genji, two players as support character Mercy and one player as explosive-firing character Junkrat.

Junkrat’s grenades serve as a shuttlecock while the two Mercy’s healing beams are a makeshift net. The pair of Genjis on either side use the character’s deflective ability to knock the explosive back over the other side and with one player keeping score using the in-game chat function, (points are won when the bomb stops moving or explodes), it makes for a pretty effective (and downright genius) way of playing doubles badminton, Overwatch style.

Since that video was posted, many Overwatch players have called for Blizzard to make Genji Badminton a real game mode within the hugely popular shooter and not just one that players have to create and organize themselves. Overwatch already hosts Weekly Brawl events (game modes with specific rules or characters, e.g Super Shimada Bros. where players can play as Genji or Hanzo only) and the argument is that Genji Badminton would be a good fit as well as serving as a good test for players’ reaction times.

Others, though, argue that the creation of Genji Badminton highlights a dearth of things to do in the game, suggesting that Blizzard needs to add more content to make it fun. While those arguing that Overwatch doesn’t offer enough to do seem to be in a minority, Blizzard will soon be adding new content to the game regardless, specifically with Overwatch’s Competitive Play, which will allow players to test their mettle against similarly skilled opponents. Moreover, the company has revealed that it will soon be introducing a brand new playable hero and that Overwatch players should scour the game for hints.

It’s yet to be seen whether these new additions will silence doubters or whether it will see less, player-created game modes such as Genji Badminton pop up. However, the fact that the massively popular game is continuing to grow is mostly being seen as a good thing and plenty of players are looking forward to seeing how else Overwatch will improve in the future.

Overwatch is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Artisan , Quix Team Overwatch Korea — YouTube (via PC Gamer)