Overwatch Game of the Year Edition in the Works

The one year anniversary of Overwatch is fast-approaching and there is mounting evidence of an event to celebrate the occasion. While many assume an event will take place -- because it's hard to believe Blizzard would miss the opportunity -- dataminers have found more than that. A recent datamine of the Xbox Store has apparently unearthed some of what will be released for the Overwatch event, including a Game of the Year Edition of the title.

Xbox Store scanning site True Achievements stumbled upon hidden entries for the GOTY Edition, which is scheduled to release a day before the anniversary on May 23. It will include 10 free loot boxes, alongside some undisclosed cosmetic bonuses -- much like the Origins Edition did.

The group also found information on upcoming Anniversary Loot Boxes, where players will have a chance at finding over 100 new cosmetic items. The data indicated the new loot boxes will be available until June 5, which suggests the event could begin next week, as Overwatch events tend to last three weeks. There are no details on what items will be found in the boxes, but game director Jeff Kaplan has already strongly hinted that Symmetra will be getting a new legendary skin soon.


There is also evidence that cosmetic items will be doled out liberally for all of the game's playable heroes as part of an Anniversary Event. Data miners also found what could be three new maps, or three variations of existing maps.

Data mining has given fans the gist of what to expect, but not much in the ways of details. Additionally, there has been no evidence (so far) of a new hero being added to the roster, despite the fact another is anticipated to be released soon.

If Blizzard were to throw another hero into the mix, Doomfist would be a logical fit. Not only because he's the most popular, but also because it would be a throwback to the game's first reveal trailer, which featured Doomfist's infamous gauntlet.

And if it's to be believed, a recent, alleged leak suggests Doomfist will release in mere days. That was a week ago, and now the anniversary is right around the corner. It could be finally time for his big debut.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN

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