Overwatch Pros Thwarted by Game-Controlled Cars


Although plenty of games use computer-controlled units and even bits of scenery to take players down, this doesn't always happen during multiplayer-focused games. However, professional Overwatch players were recently thwarted by the game-controlled cars on the Oasis map, after the cars helped one team get a kill during a recent professional match.

The smart traffic play occurred in a group stage match between Hong Kong Attitude and DeToNator.GOLD at the Overwatch Pacific Championship in Taipei, Taiwan. Playing as banana and peanut butter-loving gorilla Winston, a DeToNator.GOLD player set their sights on sniper character Ana and activated the primate's ultimate ability, Primal Rage. Although three hits didn't kill Ana, after being hit by one of the speeding cars on the Oasis map she quite literally became roadkill. The Winston almost got squashed too, though was just able to hotfoot it back to help the rest of the DeToNator.GOLD squad take the point.

As DeToNator.GOLD didn't manage to win any of its games against Hong Kong Attitude, speeding car kills are unlikely to be the meta any time soon. However, this isn't the first time that Overwatch players have made use of the environmental obstacle and it's interesting to see how things have evolved since the map was first introduced. For example, when it was first made available, some players said that Oasis cars are OP while others just adapted to the new map and began to use it play an Overwatch version of Frogger.

Many Overwatch players will also be looking forward to seeing how Blizzard will continue to create maps in future. Not only does Oasis have deadly cars, after all, but it also has jump pads that allow players to set up things such as 'Bastion kill chutes.' They stick the robot in turret mode, let it bounce and put a Reinhardt in front with a shield up, turning the character into a supreme killing machine that is hard to spot and hard to eliminate even when in sight.

Then there are other maps such as Ecopoint: Antarctica, where using Junkrat's laying down emote can let players lounge on a recliner and blend into the scenery (or hide behind a strategy table). It will surely be a challenge for Blizzard to keep giving players opportunities like this while making sure that they don't become actual viable strategic options.

Source: Dot Esports

Overwatch is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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