Blizzard already maintains a fairly regular content schedule for its multiplayer shooter, Overwatch. Following the recent release of the Chateau Guillard map, the developer is also planning to unveil a map for Junkertown too. And although this is enough to keep most fans occupied, one players have come up with an idea for where Blizzard could take the game next.

Created by Joshua Llorente, the Favela map is “inspired” by the Overwatch art style and was made in Unreal Engine 4. Set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (the Christ the Redeemer statue can be seen in the distance), the brightly colored urban sprawl is made up of plenty of tall buildings with tiny side streets setting them apart. There are also some key bits of detail such as the hovering mopeds parked up against walls and a small soccer pitch representing Brazil’s love of the beautiful game.

The map would be perfect for sniper characters who will have plenty of ledges to choose from, while Doomfist would have plenty of ways to Rocket Punch opponents into oblivion. Brazilian character Lucio would also prosper here, hopping from wall to wall to wall and avoiding death by avoiding the ground.

Racking up over 80,000 views on YouTube and being shared widely across social media, Overwatch fans are raving about Llorente’s work. Not only does the fan-made Favela map look great, but it’s made more impressive by the fact that Llorente is a self taught 3D artist. Many have suggested that the artist should apply for a job with Blizzard. The company continues to post job listings for artists and looks to hire people for Overwatch (and non-Overwatch) projects and fans suggest that this could be Llorente’s ticket in.

Even if Blizzard didn’t hire Llorente, many will be hoping that the company makes some sort of Favela map regardless. While the company did create the Estadio das Ras map for the Lucioball game mode, Overwatch players have yet to experience Brazil outside of the Summer Games activity and many players are eager to do so.

Several other characters have gotten maps set in their home regions, such as Orisa and Doomfist (Numbani) and the Chateau Guillard map is Widowmaker’s actual home. A home map for Lucio would be welcomed by fans, but whether fan enthusiasm for Llorente’s work will spur the developer to create one is unclear for now.

Overwatch is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Joshua Llorente – YouTube