Overwatch fans are known for their incredible, inspired creations, from a LEGO version of Junkrat’s RIP-Tire to the cosplay of Genji’s Sentai skin. But one student artist has now created something so special that even Overwatch developer Blizzard has taken notice.

Writing on the Battle.net forums, a Thai computer artist by the name of RM-Parfait revealed the project she had put together for her Master’s degree. The artist designed a new Overwatch hero based on Thai culture. The character’s name is Tara (which means ‘water’ in Thai) and she is themed around the Siamese fighting fish (also known as a Betta fish) and the plaited bamboo fish “which is a local product in Thailand.”

A support hero, Tara’s abilities continue to the aquatic theme too. ‘Bubble’ is an ability which can be fired at enemies, putting them in a bubble for two seconds. Tara would also have an ability called ‘Healing Drone’ which deploys a small drone which heals allies in a 1.5 metre radius.

Overwatch Thai map concept art Overwatch Thai hero Halloween skin concept art

RM-Parfait has also designed several skins for Tara, including two based on Thai culture and another gloriously spooky skin for the game’s Halloween event. The artist has even presented renders for the ‘Arun Town’ map, complete with street food stalls, boats, and a dazzling array of lights that see the night-time location glow beautifully.

The artist’s creations were so impressive that Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan took to the forums to comment. “Wow, this is amazing. You are so talented!,” said Kaplan in a reply to the thread. Many fans then began to beg Kaplan to hire the Thai creator, or to at least pay to license the design and make a real character out of it.

The creation of Tara and the Arun Town map is not the first time that players have been wowed by a fan-made Overwatch concept. Players were also impressed by a fan-made Rio de Janeiro map, begging Blizzard to create that artist’s vision of Lucio’s home country or to give that artist a job.

Blizzard is no stranger to hiring fans, with Jeff Kaplan getting a job at the company as a result of being a major figure in the World of Warcraft player community. Moreover, Kaplan has said that he wants to create an Overwatch character and map for every region in the world. So hopefully Blizzard will heed fan calls and give the talented artists in the community a chance to make their designs into official game content.

Overwatch is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Battle.net, RM-Parfait