FaceApp Shows What Overwatch Characters Would Look Like Old

Although many Overwatch fans are no doubt excited for the latest hero to join the roster, Hero 31 Sigma, there will always be love for classic heroes like Tracer and Hanzo. So much, in fact, that they are now also part of the latest internet sensation, otherwise known as the old-age filter. FaceApp ages each of these characters roughly 20 years, which is a feature that many who love or main these characters will enjoy.

For the uninitiated, FaceApp is the source of the latest internet obsession with old-age filters. It recently earned renewed popularity thanks to said filter, which showcases the person aged with wrinkles and all. It's mostly used for selfies, but now that old age filter has been applied to a few popular Overwatch characters.

Specifically, Tracer, Hanzo, D.Va, and Zarya are all aged by this filter, with thanks owed to PlayerVsAll founder PvARadio host and Overwatch fan Luke Croft who made each of these images. Each character's appearance changes significantly, with Hanzo's hair adopting a nice silver sheen to it, and Tracer and D.VA looking like particularly sweet grandmothers. Zarya's appearance changes, but not as much as the others (as seen below).

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As interesting as these old-age concepts are, the devil is always in the details. FaceApp users should know, then, that accepting the ToS gives its developer permission to use any image created with it. The purpose of such text is currently unknown, but it's not entirely without precedent as many similar apps contain a similar clause. This isn't likely a big deal for Overwatch characters, but there are some people who may not want their images used publicly.

Many social media-based apps like Twitter contain the same fine print, though, which is something worth considering because as many will also not care one way or the other about these Terms of Service. FaceApp lovers use it for silly purposes anyway, such as the aged-Overwatch characters, so it may not amount to anything in the long run. Still, it's a good thing for all mobile users to be aware of.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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